Deep Freeze: Best Alternative for Windows SteadyState

After Microsoft released their Windows 7 Operating System into the market, consumers and users were all left in awestruck as one of the best PC protection and management software they had was left in the dust with the previous OS. Microsoft SteadyState provided great system protection and recovery for the Windows OS but as per the company’s decision, they will no longer cover their newer systems after Windows Vista. This is bad news to those who purchased SteadyState to manage their workstations if they are looking for an OS upgrade.

Luckily, we found the best alternative (or the best option) for those who need system restore, management and protection for your Personal thehiltonian Computers. Faronics has developed Deep Freeze, a centralized deployment and management tool for both the personal and corporate Windows user. Deep Freeze has, by far, the best alternative for SteadyState while adding even more features. Let’s look at the main differences and enhancements that Deep Freeze has over Windows SteadyState.

1. Central Management of Deep Freeze Clients
Unlike SteadyState, that was per client-dependent in system restoration, Deep Freeze offers a powerful server-side Management Console that can remotely restore a computer on your network to its original state by a single click. This saves you time and allows you to push the desired configurations on any system within your controlled environment. This includes generating one time or one day passwords for reboot or reconfiguration, securing MBRs and assigning Workstation Tasks to a particular computer or a group of computers.

2. Updates are here for Windows 7 and 8
SteadyState had its last update way back in 2008. Deep Freeze continuously rolls out updates for their software to adapt to changes and fix any bugs that might come up. This assures you of the flexibility, continuity, and of course, security of your systems even after potential attacks or threats.

3. Different configuration modes for different types of users
Whether you run a corporate or public network or just running a Personal Computer at home, Deep Freeze offers a load of different modes and settings to suit whatever need you may have. From selection of “frozen” and “thawed” hard drives for program installation and file management, silent install on network PCs, communication over LAN or WAN for updates and reconfiguration and different settings of restart or reboot modes all depending on your preferences.

4. Multiple Support
And just like we said, it has full support for newer Windows Operating System, namely 7 and 8, and full support for any hard disk configuration whether it be SCSI, ATA, SATA or IDE. It also supports any HDD format like FAT, FAT32, and NTFS, basic and dynamic disks. This multitude of setup and configuration would make you forget that you even used Windows SteadyState in the past. Your PC’s and network’s protection is guaranteed even with several changes in hardware and software setups.

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