Discussing Your Future

If you’ve been in an adult dating relationship for a while, you may want to start discussion future options with your boyfriend. This is perfectly normal and also encouraged, but be careful how you approach the situation. You don’t want to scare the poor boy away. After all, if you really do see a future with this guy then its only fair that you have the right to find out if he’s looking for the same things as you in the future. Read my tips on how to discuss the future without scaring your boyfriend away.

1. Star the conversation by asking what your boyfriend wants. He won’t be scared away by the conversation if you’re asking him how he sees himself in 5, 10, 15 years. You’re letting him talk about his future, and that way you can get an idea based on what he decides to talk about. Don’t ever start 선물옵션 a conversation by telling him what you want and what you expect. Then he may be scared away if he isn’t looking for the same things or he may feel that he can’t live up to your standards.

2. Don’t be upset if your boyfriend has no idea what he wants from his future. Most men aren’t too concerned with the future and are more concerned with the present. Expect that his answer to your question will be “I don’t know”. Just talk about things that make him happy. Ask him about his opinion on where your relationship is headed.

3. These questions will probably make your boyfriend nervous. After all, you are putting him on the spot. Lighten the mood by telling him you feel nervous about it too and are also confused about the future and that’s why you want to discuss it with him. If you tell your boyfriend what you want “in the next few years”, it won’t make him feel pressured in the situation. Phrases like “in the next few years” will make him feel like he has a lot of time to decide and nothing new is happening soon.

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