Fitness and Beauty

Does physical fitness automatically equate to physical beauty? Can one increase their beauty by becoming more fit? I hear questions that equate to this everyday. I am a Personal trainer and many people do in fact equate being fit and healthy to being more attractive to the opposite sex.

Each day I receive questions on how to improve various parts of the body. Many women want to know how to get round firm derrieres and men want tight six-pack abs. The reasons for these desires abound but many times the main reason is simply because they want to look better. They want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, more beautiful if you will.

So what all do we need to do to become more attractive both to our own self and to others. The same techniques we use to become healthier will help us become more attractive. We should eat a healthy diet full of natural whole foods quality protein from lean meats, fish and chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are just starting to try a healthy approach to beauty a full body herbal cleanse may be a great start. This will help to clear much of the built up toxins out of the body as well as help you drop some unwanted pounds. I have seen estimates that as much as 15 lbs of dried dead material is 雪纖瘦好唔好 decaying in most people’s digestive tract. Get rid of this and you help you stay healthy. Use food that the body digests better and you won’t build that much waste up in the colon in the future.

A lifestyle change that encompasses both dietary and exercise is the best way to go. Do not try to do too much at one time though, if you do you will likely burn out and end up getting nowhere.

Adding an exercise program to your already busy schedule may seem overwhelming but if you think of it as an appointment for your health then you are more likely to keep doing it. Set up a time and place for your exercise and schedule it just as if you had an appointment for a million dollar deal. Isn’t your health worth a million dollars?

Personally I see nothing wrong with a woman or a man for that matter getting a pedicure or a manicure or other beauty treatments at a spa or similar place. A massage always makes me feel healthier and give me more energy for my next workout. Below is a few more suggestions to help improve your health.

If you smoke, STOP. There is absolutely nothing attractive about having a burning hunk of weed sticking out of your mouth. All scientific evidence points to the fact that smoking is harmful to your health. If you don’t smoke that’s great but stay away from those that do, harmful residue and second hand smoke may be as bad as actually smoking. A good friend that was a little league coach and excellent father literally smoked himself to death. The X-Rays of his lungs were unbelievable.

Excessive drinking is the same as smoking, if you do it stop. Drinking small amounts of wine or eating small amounts of dark chocolate may be healthy as long as it is not overdone. Drinking excessively hurts everyone especially you. I can’t tell you how many good people I have known in my life that have literally drank themselves into an early grave, destroyed their liver with alcohol or caused other health problems because they would not stop drinking.

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