How to Find Brand Name Sustainable Bags at a Discount

Did you know that some bags are made from sustainable materials? One of the most common items in this regard are reusable canvas totes. These products can be bought in several stores and online at reasonable price ranges. They are manufactured from natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, Georgette, silk and bamboo fibers. However, before purchasing such eco-friendly handbags, it is important to understand the price range of the items, as well as check out whether they fall under the sustainable options or not.

sustainable bags

Plastic bags have been a part of the landscape since quite some time now. However, recent additions to the sustainable bag collection by major manufacturers like Carousel, Alba, and Saks Fifth Avenue have taken the eco-bags category by storm. The recent introduction of bamboo woven reusable canvas totes by Saks Fifth Avenue is an example of this. While the collection has featured mostly faux leather styles, one of the new designs – the “Bamboo Tote” in combination with microfiber – is an example of sustainable bags in the true sense of the term.

However, one of the main problems faced by consumers looking for eco-friendly fashion is the cost. Bags made from recycled materials are usually quite expensive. Some of them are even prohibitively so. Fortunately, there are other options that help reduce the cost of sustainable bags. Most of these alternatives are much cheaper than buying sustainable bags from high fashion boutiques or premium department stores. In fact, they are very reasonably priced compared to reusable canvas.

The first and foremost alternative in the affordable, sustainable bags is to make them on your own. The best part about making your own fashion bags is that they can serve the purpose just as well as those exorbitant items from high-end boutiques. You can start the project by using recycled materials like used paper, twine and cork. Once you get a hang of the process, you can start substituting other materials that are easily available.

You can also use reusable papers to create a few sustainable bags. For example, if you are going to buy a few small bags to use during the day as a substitute for shopping, you can use some sustainable materials to fill them up with your normal grocery stuff. A cloth and some straw will definitely serve the purpose of a cushion and you can use the same material to fill the rest of your bags for evening wear and so on. Using all natural and recycled products to create sustainable bags is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives you can come up with.

There are several fashion designers in India who have started using organic and natural fabrics in their bags for men. This is an eco fashion trend that is taking India by storm. Not only are these bags comfortable to carry, they are also environmentally friendly. Malia Designs, an eco fashion line introduced by the popular textile manufacturer Manish Malia, has a collection of men’s bags in different sizes and colors.

Apart from using organic and sustainable materials for making bags, there are also many other ways in which you can go for sustainability when it comes to fashion and accessories. If you want to make sustainable fashion trends a part of your everyday wardrobe, then it would be a great idea to invest in Fair Trade handbags. Fair trade handbags not only ensure that the workers and producers of these products are treated humanely, but they also help you get a good deal as well. There are a lot of advantages in investing in Fair Trade bags, which include better working conditions, better quality standards and the assurance that the products you buy are made only with the best possible materials. These bags are available at most of the leading Indian fashion brands and at online stores too.

If you can’t quite find brands that offer Fair Trade handbags, there are plenty more that you can find out there. The ethical brands will have been certified by the Fair Trade Foundation and will be made using only the best materials. This way, you can rest assured that you are buying the most eco-friendly bags available in the market. Eco bags are very popular now and can be found in virtually every colour, shape and size imaginable. You can get these bags in zebra, leopard and black. Now that you know where to look for two bags, you’ll find it much easier to shop for the ones that you love!

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