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Freight & Logistics Professionals: Groups on LinkedIn

Freight Forwarders and Third party logistics (3PL) experts come together to learn from one another in these LinkedIn Groups. Each group is listed below, in order of its appearance here.

Freight & Logistics Professionals is actually the name of one of the biggest groups. Guillaume Goder from the Rufaa Group started it back in 2008. You can find the LinkedIn Group with a simple search for the group name: Freight and Logistics Professionals.

The “Logistics and Supply Chain Networking” Group has over 21,000 members and is run by Robert Houston of the famous Logistics & Supply Chain Forum held each year. You can bet it is an active community worth joining. Search for the name when at the LinkedIn search box.

Supply Chain pros is a group with over 30,000 members and active growth on Facebook and Twitter, too. Owner of the group, Dave Waters, says that Supply Chain Today is the 北美跨境物流 best collaborative Supply Chain community on LinkedIn. They appreciate new and active members.

A Truckload, Trucking, Logistics, Supply Chain, 3PL… John Fricke started in 2008 and has over 7,000 members. The group is education-focused and sharing ideas and having discussion is the goal. You can find them on LinkedIn under this long name.

While not specifically a freight or logistics group, the China Trade Group is comprised mostly of professionals in the field. The group covers mainland China and Hong Kong and trade professionals interested in Import and Export, Sourcing, and more.

A simple search on LinkedIn with any of these terms will yield dozens, if not hundreds of groups. If you are in the freight, logistics, trade intelligence, 3PL, freight forwarding, or one of many other international trade communities, start with one of these terrific groups to enhance your reputation and build a solid network.

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