Despite all the joy motherhood brings, it is not a hidden fact that it brings in a set of duties as well. Not only are we supposed to take care of a baby when we are awake, but numerous times we are awaken in the middle of the night to tend to our crying baby. There are so many things that are to be dealt with as far as baby care goes. Feeding and taking care of a baby has its own specifications such as: what temperature should a baby be bathed? What should they eat? In what position should they sleep? and so on. Luckily there is a lot of information present on the internet and there are many baby websites that can help answer these questions. In this article too, I will shed light on some of these tips to help you get started on your mother and baby relationship.

So let us start with some bathing tips. Babies need to be handled very carefully while they are being bathed. They are too young to hold themselves up. However in case you do not have an extra pair of hands to hold them since your own hands will be occupied washing them, a baby 坐月 holder works as it holds the baby while you bath it. This method is used for those babies who can sit up right. If the babies are not old enough to sit up right, then a bath cradle can be used that will support the babies in the water.

Never ever leave your baby alone even if you are using a bath seat. Babies can drown in just 3 cm of water and it takes only a second for a baby to slip into the water and become helpless. In the UK, an average of 1 baby drowns every year and more suffer injuries as a result of being left alone in the bath tub.

In case you are using a big bath tub, you can keep a rubber mat at the bottom of the bath. As your baby grows up, you can teach your baby to sit in the bath at all times. That way, your baby can be saved from slipping or losing their balance while they are standing in the bath.

Many people want to know how often they should bathe their baby. Even though bathing can be a fun and relaxing ritual for babies as well as mothers, you do not need to bathe them every day. Just once or twice in a week can work in the first month.

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