Real Estate Investments And Benefits From The Republic Of Panama

Panama, a Central American retirement and financial treasure that brings the best of both worlds, an ecological sanctuary with thousands of virgin properties and a great number of reasons to invest. The Republic of Panama has become one of the Hot Spots to retire and invest in the world. Here in Panama you can find the perfect balance between tranquility and a metropolitan area!

Unlike many places of the world, Panama has an incredible overall stability and geographical position. Economic climates in other countries like the United States are currently worrisome. News have exposed that the US debt limit has increased four times in the actual government and has gone up to $8.9 trillion. In the other hand, the trade deficit is at a record of $68.5 billion. People in the US are getting affected by events like these.

The danger for US citizens is that their savings may lose buying power in their country. People who retired in the 80´s and 90´s did not expect a $3.00 gallon for gas. Now, are you saving too much for retirement? Forget about the idea that you need millions to retire comfortably, as some would have you believe…What if you could bail out of your job years earlier than you thought? Or spend thousands of dollars more in retirement than you’d planned? What if you’re actually saving too much for retirement in your country, instead of not enough? Here in Panama, the opportunity to diversify your assets and investing for a low cost in a Panamanian property or Panamanian development is currently available!

Panama Advantages:

– Full time domestic services

– Panama has Low crime rate

– Panama has a great variety of attractions all in close proximity.

– Panama is safe.

-Low cost of property and development

-Panama is safe from natural disasters.

-Easy access to Panamanian Visa (More Information on Visas Click Here)

-A politically stable country, safe from terrorist threats.

-US Dollar is Panama’s legal currency.

-Tropical climate in Panama is a great location for adventure.

-Panama has a wide selection of beaches and island venues and activities.

-Incredibly low overall cost of living.

-English is a language of common usage.

-Strong bank secrecy laws.

-Renowned banking center with over 70 private banks.

-Live in a tax friendly country where foreign earned income, capital gains, and interest Income is non-taxable.

-Live in a country where business can be operated without descuento 50 heavy restrictions, regulations, or taxes that hinder its growth.

-Live in a country which provides a 1st class assets protection structure.

-Affordable homes in the city, mountain or beach.

-Live in a tax friendly country.


The Republic of Panama offers a variety of benefits within its laws for retired and pensioned citizens of the Third and Fourth Ages and by which is created and regulates the stamp tax named Peace and Social Security. It states that Panamanian or foreign residing in Panamanian territory fifty-seven (57) years old or older, if they are female; or sixty-two (62) years old or older, if they are male; and all retired and pensioned by any gender, will receive benefits such as:

– 50% discount over recreational fees and entertainment fees such as: movie theaters, theater, events, sports events and any public event.

– 25% discount on airfare tickets

– 25% discount on the value of any individual meal at any restaurant

– 15% discount on fase food stablishments (Nacional or Internacional)

– Discount on regular hotels, motels and pensions.

– 15% discount on medical services

– 10% discount on prescrited medications.

– 20% discount on medical appointments

– 25% discount on electric consumption

– 25% discount on telephone consumption.

– 20% discount on prosthesis as well as al assistance equipment and accessories.

– Personal loans y commercial loans will be fee of taxes stipulated be the Especial Interest Compensation Fund (FECI, in Spanish)

– Discount on percent points over interest rates on mortgage loans for primary residencies.

– Freezing of property taxes, as long as the residence is under the elder name and is its primary residence.
– The exemption in the payment of the appraisal rate of the property, as long as it is the only one and constitutes the primary residence.

– Discount on Airport taxes.

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