SpeakerCraft AIM Speaker Installation

Speaker Installation, especially architectural speakers, can be a difficult task at times. Where do you place them for best sound? Where does it look nicer? What type should I use? These are all questions that were raised when SpeakerCraft started making in wall and in-ceiling speakers. This prompted them to design the world’s first aim-able architectural speaker thus creating the AIM lineup

AIM-series speakers are ideal for any home theater speaker installation due to their selection and range. They also make it easy to decide which model will fit your needs based on what the model code itself tells you. Let’s say that you want two of the best in-ceiling speakers in the front to sound their best for a full range of music. AIM10FIVE would be the best bet being from the AIM series, having the largest of the drivers being a 10 in driver for the fullest range of sound and being made of series FIVE material which is Kevlar http://itsnews.co.uk/. Or if you want the most appropriate sound when watching a movie in your home theater, the recommended speaker installation combination is three of the AIM8THREE in the front and two or four of the AIM7THREE in the back in case of a 5.1 or 7.1. Similar idea but now it’s an 8 and 7 inch drivers (larger in the front for larger sounds) and a THREE means the drivers are made out of aluminum for an ample energetic sound when watching movies. They make many other selections of speakers such as AIM CINEMA and AIM WIDE designs, but I wanted to touch on their basic models to give you an understanding

Something that troubles most consumers in their speaker installation is the placement of the sub woofer. A lot of people sometimes wish you could just do without it with it being a larger box that has to find a home somewhere in the well furnished room and take away from the decor. If the room is in the process of being built, fear not! SpeakerCraft makes a series of in wall sub woofers that sound absolutely superb. Imagine getting all the experience and thrill of a movie from a speaker that has absolutely no footprint? This is where the CINEMA SUB Systems come into play. They are a combination of three key components; the speaker driver, the AccuTune box and the Sub Amp itself. Based on what size sub woofer your room calls for (8″, 10″ or 12″), you match it up with the correct sized AccuTune box. This box goes into the wall before the dry wall is put up with speaker wiring ran from this location to where the amp will be. Size of the speaker is factored around the size of the room. An 8″ speaker will not properly take care of an entire basement floor or open floor plan as to how a 12″ would not sound correct in a fully enclosed 20′ x 15′ room. Despite what anyone tells you, larger speakers are meant for larger rooms and smaller speakers for smaller rooms. The amp itself is merely the sub woofers power source. If you look at the three, they basically are the three parts to any boxed sub woofer; the driver, box and Amp. With the walls down, placement for your speaker installation is virtually anywhere.

If you want the absolute best sound that you can achieve without having to worry about look or space taken up by a speaker, then SpeakerCraft in wall speakers are the right choice for you. They have an extremely wide range of models that will fit absolutely anyone’s unique needs for their home theater. They can appeal to the most modest consumer with their ONE-series materials or tingle the ears of even the audiophile with their FIVE-series materials. When building your home theater, if the conditions are right, choose SpeakerCraft premium in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for your speaker installation.

Long before if one had to install speakers, one would go for a bookshelf or use some sort of base and somehow mount the speakers. With the availability of Speaker Brackets & Mounts, not only can these be done easily but also without messing with the walls and the wires also remain hidden.

Entertainment systems nowadays have become much more advanced and expensive, and give you the best movie watching experience. Most brands are aiming to provide as realistic hearing as possible sitting at home. But to get the best out of these, the speaker needs to be placed at the correct locations and that is where speaker mounts started becoming so popular.

Some of these accessories can be quite heavy duty; to support the heavier speakers and also to last longer. Most of these mounts can support the common satellite speakers available in the market that come with common sized screw holes found on speakers. When you buy these speaker mounts, the required hardware and tools required to configure your mount usually comes bundled in. Some of the products also come with an extension arm that goes closer or further away from the wall or ceiling; this helps you to direct the sound better.

The other advantage of using these speaker brackets is that the speakers nicely fit in which reduces the vibrations and thus makes the sound better. You need to factor in the bracket capacity when mounting the speakers and choose an appropriate one for the speakers.

To get the best out of your high-end entertainment system, it is important for the speakers to be located at as per the suggestions by the manufacturer in the user manual. Be it wall or ceiling you can place the speakers anywhere with the help of speaker mounts and brackets and the swivel design and the extension arm available in most of these accessories ensure that the speakers can be angled to give the best hearing experience.

Be it your house, restaurant, school, organization or any other place, speakers play an important role and there is a need to be able to place them on the wall, ceiling or on the ground including indoor as well as outdoor locations.

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