The Platter of Menu Options for Middle East Crisis

The global advertisement on Palestine plight by con-artists and propagandists melts the weeping hearts of liberals and sympathizers; Hamas is now joyfully celebrating his killings of Zionists TVC production in Iran . On the eve of the celebration, Hamas’s armed wing, Izzadin Kassam, published statistics about its “martyrs” and terrorist attacks over the past 24 years. According to the figures, Hamas killed 1,365 Israelis and wounded 6,411 others, while it lost 1,848 of its men. The group boasted that its members carried out 1,117 “jihad” attacks, including 87 suicide bombings. It also said that its members fired 11,093 rockets and missiles at Israel over the past 24 years.

Bleeding hearts of the world ought to know the fact that Israelis are not safe and secure in the Middle East as planned and desired by the Arabs. So where would Israelis be placed for safety and security? The con artists portray themselves as victims when the real victim is accused as the culprit. The adamant radical force refused recognition of Israel statehood and plans its annihilation in connivance with the Arab Block now supported by China/ Russia. The retaliation measures from the Western block is sneered and jeered with allegations for an attack on Iran for its oil resource.

The media analyze the interest in oil resource as a factor responsible for the capitalists meddling in the Middle East. Capitalist’s interest stated to be the key factor leading to the decision to restructure the region for better access of the resource incurred huge military costs. It seems a little shallow to think that US would waste expensive weapons just for oil resource. If such economic interests invariably are linked to warfare, no region rich in resources is safe from warfare. But regions rich in resources are not necessarily attacked or are in arms conflict always.

On careful consideration, economic interest alone may not lead to political intervention. The surrounding environment congenial for such political interference offers a logical explanation. British colonialists came to Asia in search of resources for its growing industries. However, they could not enter China but successfully controlled India because the Indian polity was weak in the face of divided ruling princes who had no concept of political unity against foreign invaders, and it seems the Moguls invasions in medieval India failed to be a lesson. These comparative studies reveal the internal contractions responsible for allowing external forces to play.

The oil resource may attract attention, but what needs to be recognized here is the congenial condition in the Middle East for any stronger power to intervene to ultimately reach the goal of resource extraction. Dictatorial regimes make the polity fragile and vulnerable to external capitalist politics. The socio-economic indicators except in Libya are one of the lowest in the world. Given these fragile conditions, the extreme dissatisfaction of the west lies in the ongoing Israel- Palestine unresolved homeland issue. The west is disgusted with the Arab’s refusal to honor the humanitarian package granted under moral obligation to a group of community of people considered to have suffered the worst human catastrophe in the history of mankind. The compassionate action is alleged by the Arabs as thieving of their land, when in reality, the land named Palestine by the Arabs was a ‘no man’s land’ under British Protection in the 1940’s.

It is a total dismay to deal with a group of people who keeps turning back to every page in history and to question a decision taken 64 years ago, considered a noble deed and the right thing to do under the wisdom prevailing at that time. The unhappiness of the west against the Arabs for dishonoring a moral commitment forms the basic root cause of the displeasure that was heightened by terrorist activities in league with the Arab brotherhood. The Palestine terrorism begets terrorism sponsored by USA, to reciprocate the act in the same measure, which the world blames the west for creation of Middle East terrorism. Western sponsored terrorism was a retaliation to the Palestine terrorism supported by the Arab league.

The national security of Israel occupies the core issue of the Middle East crisis. The threat to Israel by the Iran nuclear program is virtually confirmed by the spate of verbal threats thrown at Israel on daily basis. It is this open and direct threat that places the Iran nuclear distinctly dangerous and seen as a threat for the entire Middle East region as well. The apparently stated oil interest may be the capitalist long term objective while the real issue of discontent lay deeply within the history of the Israel homeland security challenged by the Arabs; and the present confrontation is triggered by the spate of threats from Iran to Israel.

It has been a sweet dream for the Arabian nights to add one more Arabic state to the existing 22 Arab states. The Arabs have taken a resolute stand to pursue this dream through an organized terrorism, while covering up its misdeeds under vigorous campaigns to portray Israel as the culprit and Palestine as the poor victim. The global advertisement strategy of the Palestinians marks a grand success with the recent event of Hamas celebrating his victory of the murders, tortures and bombing he committed on Israel and is declaring a mission statement to conquer not only Israel but the world.

The declaration with backing from Iran nuclear warheads turning towards Israel is now a reality today. China is ready to hop in for a third World War to protect the Iran oil supply chain while Pakistan is gearing up troops across the Indian border. The epicenter of the case for the possible Third World War is Palestine that refuses to recognize Israel statehood and plans the elimination through terrorism. To avoid the war and resolve the Middle East crisis once and for all, the possible options offered in this article may help explore some opening.

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