There’s a massive variety of companies all over that depend on their fleets of vehicles ranging from motor vehicles to massive trucks to sustain their commercial success. Courier companies, emergency service providers, taxi services, large sales rep staff numbers to name but some. It’s not hard to conclude that there are enormous expenses for such businesses in the the acquisition and insurance of these vehicles. However, it is an important aspect of the social obligation of these companies to ensure the roadworthiness and safety of their employees, but all road users as a whole.

Here are some basic common sense tips that can help in avoiding crashes. They include:

Fully functional headlamps, reflectorsand indicators , and signal devices

* Fully functional Exterior and Interior Mirrors

* Fully Functional brakes, steering and suspension

Road collisions involving work are the most common reason for certificate of conformity death at American workplaces. American workplace. Nearly 12 000 deaths were attributable to this issue between the early 1990’s and 2000’s. This puts the employer at a distinct disadvantage from the start. Not only are insurance premiums on fleets greater but staff who are injured suffer loss of productivity as well as the personal pain and suffering. Drivers of trucks are the most vulnerable to deaths rates.

For businesses with fleets of vehicles the available features accessible in all automobiles and trucks.

* Sensors for detecting obstacles – giving distance in inches as to determine how near the vehicle the obstruction

* Parking systems that are automated

* Pre-crash systems

* Brake controls are in place when turning around a corner.

* * Brake Emergency Systems

• Brake Antilocking Systems

* Automatic brake systems

* Stability control

* Traction control

* Tyre pressure monitoring systems

* Reverse Cameras

* Headlamps adaptable to different lighting conditions

* Night Vision

Safety belts and airbags in working order are also of paramount importance. Post-crash survival could also be impacted upon by advanced technology , such as Collision Notification Systems. This can greatly impact survival rates after a crash in scenarios.

It is equally important for businesses to keep in your mind that the younger driver of the vehicle is, the more risk there is related to safety on the road and safe driving. It is true that in the United States of America drivers are permitted to get licenses when they reach 16 years old, and in the United Kingdom a driver’s license is available at the age of 17. South African drivers are able to obtain their licenses by 18, which is the minimum age for drivers in South Africa. It is true that in South Africa in certain sectors of the Insurance business drivers who are under 25 are not able to have insurance coverage on their vehicles. These drivers are often older in cognitive capacity compared to older drivers, and are sadly lacking the driving or on-road experience of their older counterparts. This is why they have more frequent crashes in this particular group. This is certainly something to consider when choosing a driver part of your fleet driving team.

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