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Photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby were sold to People magazine for $4.1 million recently. Yes. You read that correctly, $4.1 million. What is our fascination with celebrity? Is it the larger than life movie stars? Is it the glamorous lives they lead? How is it people can name every character from Grey’s Anatomy but come up empty when asked to name their state senators?

It’s because we are obsessed with celebrity. We need entertainment scoop and there isn’t a shortage in finding it. The E! Network dedicates itself to nothing but entertainment. Searches result in countless pages on your inquired subject. There certainly isn’t a shortage of magazines on it either Elisa Gayle Ritter. Supermarket stands sell them. Bookstores sell them. You can also subscribe to these magazines online. Websites such as Mags For Less offer a variety of entertainment magazines to choose from.

It is estimated that there are around 160,000 magazines published around the world in as many as 29 languages. Even though a large proportion of these magazines are not exactly setting the world on fire in generating revenue terms, I think it is fair to say that there is still a substantial market for this traditional form of media advertising.

For the advertiser, one of the great advantages of having such a huge selection of magazines to choose from is the fact that they are able to target a specific audience, who may have a particular interest in their product or service. Although magazines have a comparatively small coverage compared to national newspapers, it is the positive advantage of reaching a specific audience that turns a lot of people on to magazines.

One of the other advantages to Magazine Advertising is the fact that you can request that your advert is placed in a certain position or even within a feature article. This will enhance the overall corporate and commercial effectiveness of your offerings, as well as adding a positive and highly relevant message to potential buyers. Of course, if you don’t mind where your advertisement appears, it will probably be placed in a general run of paper position. This means that your ad could be placed anywhere, but will probably cost less than if it was placed in a prime position. However, always try to get a ROP price for a special position whenever you can, as most publishers will be happy to negotiate.

The decision to pursue Magazine Advertising should certainly not be made without doing some in-depth Media Planning and comparing the associated costs with the benefits. However, when you find the right vehicle and your objective is to signify quality or elegance for your product, Magazine Advertising is the perfect format.

As with other media types, it is always very wise to build a friendly and consistent level of communication with magazines. Always send in well-written PR and product news and make a point of going to see your favourite feature and news editors at an exhibition or product launch. It may also pay to take them to lunch every now and then to show your appreciation. The reason for mentioning this is that writers always remember the nice people when they have a space or another company has let them down. If a magazine decides to feature your product or write about it, this translates into free advertising, although it is in the form of legitimate editorial content.

Remember that advertising in magazines has always been about getting a message to a specific target audience in a controlled way and ideally over a long period of time. Magazines do this so well, as they mainly reach a very loyal and relevant readership. However, as new media advertising formats seem to have much better tracking and monitoring technology in place, it does deter people from using magazines as a lead-generation tool.

There is no doubt that the introduction of online pay per click advertising has brought on a new wave of advertisers – most of which don’t have to spend a fortune to get people to their websites. Compared to print media, there is probably no better way to get clicks and potential enquiries. It is this ‘cost against enquiry’ element that has moved a lot of people away from the historic ‘brand awareness’ qualities of magazine advertising and into the more controlled and justifiable environment of Internet Advertising.

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